Harlekin Maske

The mask of a harlequin is one of the most important features of his costume.  Already from the 12th century there are traditions of the harlequin, the special stage figure in his typical costume, which became a European phenomenon over the centuries.  This fascination of the tragic comic figure with its versatility continues to this day. The primarily existentially and physically focused favourite themes of the jumping and fun-loving harlequin are underlined by this abdominal costume:  Food, constant hunger, eating, spitting, shitting, burping, eroticism, lust, love, death 

  • Order number: f6818 Color: Gold/Silber/Green patina
  • Order number: f6820 Color: Brown patina

  • Artist: Don Alberto Carlos
  • Limited Edition
  • Material: Bronze

  • Width: 21 cm 
  • Height: 27 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2,6 kg