The unfinished as an open artistic sculpture has been considered a fully-fledged work of art by the Romans and Greeks since ancient times.

Over the centuries, many famous artists, including Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin and many others, had elevated the torso to a genre of its own in the plastic arts.  In sculpture, a torso is the conscious, plastic representation of a human body without limbs as opposed to a whole person.

The torso, a work of art in its imperfect form, exerts a special attraction and attraction on the viewer. Its mysterious aura of imperfection with its own aesthetics of a high artistic expressiveness inspires every art connoisseur.

Don Alberto Carlos has created exactly this intention in his creation of an ideally modelled, erotic female body with youthfully defined muscles and firm breasts. A successful high-quality masterpiece of bronze art.

Artist Don Alberto Carlos , limited edition with black marble base

  • Order number: f1849 Color: Brown
  • Order number: f1850 Color: Antique green
  • Order number: f6608 Color: Gold
  • Order number: f1848 Color: Silver

  • Artist: Don Alberto Carlos
  • Material: Bronze

  • Width: 33 cm 
  • Height: 58 cm 
  • Weight: approx. 38 kg