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The representation of the sexual act has been part of erotic art since
ancient Greece. Art in the representation of the sexual act. Even before that in the Paleolithic Age there were fertility symbols whose sexual character was obvious.

For our productive artists, eroticism is one of the most powerful driving forces of artistic representation. The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur Collection offer a journey through the history of erotic art as a mirror of social change. Our artists quest for sensual fulfillment of the mind and body drives them as a central motif, which is to be sublimated and transformed into erotic masterpieces, is considered a significant advance in culture. The true art of eroticism lies in the right balance between showing and hiding! This maxim has been brilli- antly implemented by our masters in their works of art.

The FINE ARTS Collection presents art lovers erotic creations of their famous artists. The FINE ARTS Collection of erotic masterpieces in bronze, lovingly created over decades, stands in its sophisticated perfection on a world-class level.

Devote Bondage Lady

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

Nowadays more and more people enjoy a sexually new attitude towards life with erotic bondage games. Bondage stands for the artistic bondage with cords and knots during sex full of passion.

erotic startseite produktteaser 01 bondage lady consol table f6681 scaled
erotic startseite produktteaser 02 adonis f1861 scaled


The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

The well-proportioned and ideal-typical body of the young man with its defined muscle bundles bears the poetic name Adonis, according to the Greek god of beauty and vegetation.

Two Kissing Gays

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

The sensual kiss of two gay jeans boys in love at the beginning of their love play. The ” TWO KISSING GAYS” bronze figure is a high-quality masterpiece for an exclusive living ambience.

erotic startseite produktteaser 03 two kissing gays f6670 scaled
erotic startseite produktteaser 04 technolover lifesize f1879 scaled

Techno Lover

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

Man’s love for the image of his imagination is by no means a brainchild of modern times, but already the Roman poets dreamed of it ! For decades, Hollywood filmmakers have been fascinated by the subject of “sex with robots”.

Dali Head

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

Throughout his life, the artist Don Alberto Carlos was fascinated by the surrealist phenomenal work of the great master Salvador Dali, a genius between madness and consciousness who polarized the world: between art and commerce, between eroticism and death, and between skill and kitsch.

erotic startseite produktteaser 05dali head f1859 scaled


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