Elephant Tusk Dining TableĀ 

For centuries the elephant’s mighty tusks have fascinated mankind. Throughout the different cultures of the centuries of history this attraction of the tusk with its unique material has remained unchanged. Even in early times, the mighty tusks of mammoths were used to make valuable and noble pieces. Some cultures ascribe strength and power to it, in other cultures it stands for health and a long life. This unbroken fascination was the inspiration of the artist Don Alberto Carlos for this exclusive dining table. Its three large tusks in golden patina bronze with the silver-plated cordage as a design element radiate a great deal of strength and grace. Thus this dining table brings a very noble and shiny charisma into every upscale interior.

The Elephant Tusk Dining Table is delivered with a round glass plate of 12 mm and 120 cm diameter which is characterized by a 30 mm facet cut on the top of the glass plate. Other shapes and sizes of the glass plate are of course available on request.

  • Order Number: f6827 Color: Gold/Silver

  • Artist: Don Albertos Carlos
  • Limited Edition
  • Material: Bronze

  • Height: 78 cm
  • Weight: ca. 80 kg