Fine Art Exclusive - LIVE THE LUXURY.

Welcome to FINE ARTS home decor exclusive Bronze Collection. Our passion is designing, producing and distributing contemporary, high quality bronze sculptures.

The attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship promote creativity, elegance and exclusive designs that always reconcile tradition and innovation! We produce in the traditional wax casting process (cire perdue), patinated in various shades of bronze and partly with a durable 24 carat gold or silver coating. By finishing with genuine gemstones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and others), many of our pieces are decorated and upgraded to precious luxury goods. Our precious exclusive bronze sculptures and furniture are the result of careful bronze casting processes.

Wax mold of a sculpture

Wax mold of a sculpture

High craftsmanship and noble bronze materials with a passion for the best results are the values that have characterized FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH in Frankfurt am Main for 25 years in the development, production and distribution of high-quality, exclusive bronze products for the decoration of large international luxury homes.

In 2020 FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary. We would like to thank all our customers and friends for their trust and fair partnership over the years.

In collaboration with artists, we create and produce custom art and custom products. Our success is driven by our core belief of "Listen, Deliver - Work with Feelings". By maintaining a close, strong and constant relationship with our clients throughout the life cycle of each project. We ensure that we deliver the client's vision with the highest quality and uniqueness!

All our sculptures and furniture are masterpieces by internationally renowned artists. They are produced in limited edition and come with a corresponding certificate of authenticity.

We hope you enjoy viewing our high quality bronze artworks from the famous exclusive collection of FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH.