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Sculptures in the living area

Medusa 3D wall relief

Sculptures in the living area

Erotic Fantasies

Sculptures in the living area

Show Dancer

Eroticism in the living room

Lovely Lady

Sculptures in the living area

Eve's Apple

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Sculptures in the living area

Dolly Buster

Sculptures in the living area


Sculptures in the living area


Sculptures in the living area

Waitress - Lifesize

Sculptures in the living area

Medusa Lover

Sculptures in the living area

Kidney in Doctor's hand

Sculptures in the living area

Jesus on the cross

Luxurious bronze sculptures from FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH

Sculptures made of bronze have a long tradition: already in ancient times, more than 5000 years ago, they were made by contemporary artists and sculptors. Even then they were a symbol of prosperity and luxury and a strong aesthetic sense.

Bronze figures as luxury decoration combine an artistic and harmonious design with noble colors and an individual patina. FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH creates bronze figures of the highest quality. Artists like Don Alberto Carlos and Rudolfo Bucacio create noble bronze figures, which enchant every art lover with their classic beauty.

Whether as a living room decoration, as an art object for the entrance area or the winter garden - a bronze sculpture always attracts all eyes. Take a look at our luxury collections and be inspired by the exclusive selection of luxurious and limited bronze sculptures and interior decorations.

Modern sculptures in bronze: creative, graceful and perfect for Luxury Living ambience.

The fascination for bronze has been unbroken for millennia - not for nothing was even an entire era named after it. In addition to famous works of art such as Karl Möbius "Spear Thrower" or Hermann Haase-Ilsenburg's bronze Amazon, artistic sculptures and statues made of bronze can be found in almost all European cities.

Compared to the mostly historical works, bronze is also making its way into modernity. Our "Wall Lamp Leaf Design" by German artist Don Alberto Carlos is a first-class representative of the "bronze in modernity" genre. Gilded with 24-karat gold leaf, the bronze leaf has a built-in LED lamp and bathes any room in a luxurious golden light.

However, works such as the "Rising Horse" are currently very popular due to their timeless character and look especially impressive in modern furnished environments. This luxury bronze sculpture of a horse is the pure embodiment of freedom and vitality and is particularly imposing due to its lifelike size.

In order to show off our bronze sculptures well, they have a sturdy and handsome marble base. Each bronze sculpture with marble base is unique thanks to its individual patina and has a high value for collectors.

From the art of sculpture and patination

Until one of our decorative sculptures can beautify your living space, it is a long process; from the initial idea to the final patinated bronze, numerous steps take place. Our artists lovingly make the sculptures by hand using the lost wax casting method.

In this process, they first put the idea on paper and then model the figure from clay or wax. In the course of further work steps, this figure is covered with silicone and filled with special wax to obtain the wax model. This is given casting channels and is then dipped into a ceramic mass and hardened in the kiln. During the hardening process, the wax flows out due to the high temperatures - hence the name "lost wax casting".

The resulting negative mold is the vessel for the bronze melt. After the bronze has cooled, the shell is smashed and the sculpture is chased, polished and, last but not least, patinated to give it its characteristic look.

Patination is used to achieve special color nuances and shades and thus give the art sculptures and figures a personal and valuable appearance. To do this, the artist first dips the bronze in a patina bath and then adds further layers of patina by hand to give it more plasticity. These are burned in and sealed with a long-lasting patina varnish.

Bronze: A precious metal for eternity

The material bronze is so highly regarded mainly because it is of great durability and each work of art can theoretically be melted down again - a life-size luxury bronze sculpture is therefore not only an art object, but directly a valuable investment.

As an alloy, bronze is composed of copper and tin and has the following advantages:

  • a lively and natural surface texture
  • a noble impression
  • lasting value
  • unique look and feel

Buy at FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH bronze sculptures in luxury quality

Our precious bronze figurines are given a gold-plated or silver-plated finish, which increases both their value and noble appearance. Thus, they are a wonderful addition to a modern and stylish ambience.

The bronze sculptures of FINE ARTS Wohnkultur combine artistic aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship and are a symbol for the Luxury Lifestyle. On request, our artists will create your individual bronze sculpture according to your ideas - just contact us or visit us in our showroom in Main.