Man’s love for the image of his imagination is by no means a brainchild of modern times, but already the Roman poets dreamed of it ! For decades, Hollywood filmmakers have been fascinated by the subject of “sex with robots”.

The artist Rudolfo Bucacio was deeply impressed by our digital everyday life, which also led to our digital sex life.

He asked himself the question: Does the future lie in sex robots, sex with machines? Nowadays, humanoid love robots are so lifelike that they are no longer distinguishable from humans, not even during sex. Users can live out their (worst) fantasies unrestrainedly – without hurting a human.

The artist Rudolfo Bucacio transformed this profound insight into his ultimate masterpiece, a small size bronze sculpture, the famous “TECHNO LOVER”.

His artwork tells of the unfulfilled love of a sensual woman. Since she was always disappointed by her lovers in reality, she created her ideal dream man “a robot” with a cutting torch, where she could now live out her (worst) fantasies and most secret desires.

This gorgeous masterpiece of a fine art bronze is one of our most successful sculptures.

Artist:  Rudolfo Bucacio, limited edition

  • Order number: f1888 Color: Gold/Silver
  • Order number: f1917 Color: Gold
  • Order number: f1867 Color: Silver

  • Artist: Rudolfo Bucacio
  • Material: Bronze

  • Width: 21 cm 
  • Height: 52 cm 
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg