Show Dancer or Vedette (South America) is a dancer or entertainer whose main focus is the representation of erotic attributes and beauty in the late 19th century in Parisian music halls and cabarets like the Moulin Rouge.
The show dancer performs hot erotic shows with passion and energy and leaves unforgettable moments with the dancers are not prostitutes, they want to be treated with respect.
Out of admiration for the sexy show dancers with their overwhelming beauty and sex appeal, the famous artist Ray Leaning created the expressive and highly erotic bronze sculpture “Show Dancer”.
The artful figure “Show Dancer” is a particularly filigree creation with a love of detail. Not only art lovers appreciate this masterpiece in the high quality and aesthetics at world level.

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Artist: Ray Leaning
Limited Edition
Material: Bronze

  • Order number: f4061  Color: Gold/Silver Patina
  • Order number: f1882  Color: Brown Patina

  • Artist: Ray leaning
  • Limited Edition
  • Material: Bronze

  • Width: 36 cm 
  • Height: 74 cm 
  • Weight: approx. 14 kg
  • With marble base