Waitress Lifesize

We have known them for decades, the bunny hostesses with their graceful sexy appearance and their boundless hospitality. Over the years, numerous myths and secrets about the Bunnies have been created, but like everything in life, reality is often far from fantasy.

The sexy waitresses with their bunny costume, the big bunny ears, the chubby tail and cuffs and the deep décolleté with the high puffed breasts have a lot of sex appeal, but are never cheap and lascivious. One of her tasks was to lovingly serve the guests in her sexy “bunny pose”.

This task of erotic bunny hostesses inspired the artist Don Alberto Carlos to create a life-size bunny waitress with her numerous erotic details and a tray in her hand as a mute servant. The bunny with her sexy look and her sexy bunny costume offers the invited guests champagne on a tray in many glasses.

The medium-sized bunny waitress with the many filigree erotic details is an artistically outstanding masterpiece of fine bronze casting art.

Artist : Don Alberto Carlos

limited edition


  • Order number: f6810 Color: Gold/Silver patina
  • Order number: f6811 Color: 2-tone Brown patina

  • Artist: Don Alberto Carlos
  • Material: Bronze

  • Width: 68 cm 
  • Height: 183 cm 
  • Weight: approx. 70 kg