Welcome at FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH.Our passion is designing, production and distribution of contemporary, high-class bronze sculptures.

The attention to the details and excellent craftmanship enhance creativity, elegance and exclusive designs, always balancing tradition and innovation!We produce in traditional wax-casting process (cire perdue), patinated in different bronze shades and some coated with a lasting 24 carat gold or silver plating.

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Our Products.

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH

FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH creates and produces classical, antique motives; contemporary art, futuristic, imaginative and erotic bronze sculptures, furniture, fountains, murals and much more, with the highest artistic standards of European artists.

Our Showroom.

The FINE ARTS Wohnkultur GmbH   

warmly invite you into our luxury showroom at Frankfurt am Main (Germany). There you can experience our large exclusive collection of masterpieces in gilted and silverplated  and many other different patinas  in full splendor !

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Dear interested parties, we would like to inform you about our brand new products and the future models, special conditions, etc…
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