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Eroticism in the living room

Beauty & Beast Supersize

Eroticism in the living room

Torso Male

Eroticism in the living room

Torso Female

Eroticism in the living room

Two playing gays

Eroticism in the living room

Two kissing gays

Erotic bronze sculptures at FINE ARTS Wohnkulter GmbH

Erotic sculptures have been firmly anchored in culture since ancient Greece and fascinate art lovers and collectors around the world. And not without reason: beautiful bodies, defined silhouettes and erotic poses embody pure seduction and inspiration.

Bronze statues provide a luxurious and stylish ambience and become an eye-catcher in any environment. At the same time, the sexy figures serve not only for decoration, but are also an expression of their own personality.

At FINE ARTS Wohnkultur we create and produce custom made erotic bronze statues In close collaboration with respected artists. From bondage to erotic fantasy, our high quality FINE ARTS home decor collection has it all. Sexy, sensual and artful.

Nude bronze sculptures: that certain something for a Luxury Living ambience

A well designed Nude bronze figure convinces even after years with its exclusive and timeless design. Each Bronze figure from our exclusive range is characterized by an extremely realistic and detailed imagery.

In our elaborately designed bronze figures the sensual elegance of the human body during the sex act is artfully captured - be it in the "Two Kissing Guys" in their oblivious lovemaking or in "Techno Lover", an imaginative sex act between man and robot.

In combination with a fancy interior design, opulent fabrics and noble wallpapers, the Erotic Nude Sculptures elegantly round off any Luxury Living ambience. The handmade erotic bronze statues always testify to exquisite taste.

High quality nude sculptures from renowned artists

Few artists possess the ability to depict the beauty of human creation in all its grace. The artists of our Bronze sculptures are, without exception, masters of their trade.

Each nude bronze figure is lovingly handcrafted and provided with many details. They are strictly limited, have certificates of authenticity and decorate both the luxury villas of art lovers and the exhibition halls of famous museums.

Our respected artists around the world include:

- Don Alberto Carlos, famous for its 24-carat gilding and silvering

- Paul John Ballard, founder of the "Guild of Erotic Artists".

- Rudolfo Bucacio, master of futuristic sculptures

- Ray Leaning, renowned English artist and author of the book "An Anthology of Hidden Erotica".

- Ze Nobre, world famous for his large and small sculptures of archaic power

Our artists create perfectly shaped works at the highest level. Your nude Sculptures in bronze skillfully balance between restraint and passion - the essence of eroticism.

Craftsmanship meets luxury

Bronze is one of the most famous and noble materials in sculpture and has been used in many styles and eras. Besides the high weight are characterized Bronze sculptures mainly due to the patina, which is created by refinement.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. The noble material has a warm color and a very stylish appearance. Due to its high content of tin, bronze has a high strength, which is why it does not wear out and is resistant to corrosion.

Our sculptures are made through the art of lost wax casting. This process allows for fine detail and is one of the oldest casting processes in the world.

The basis of the casting process is the wax model created from a reproduction mold, which is dipped in a ceramic mass and dried. In this casting mold is filled with liquid bronze.

After casting, our sculptures are polished and given a patina. Through it, the surface structure is changed so that the bronze gets its characteristic dark brown color. Alternatively, the patina can be a 24-carat gold or silver alloy, which gives the sculpture a particularly luxurious appearance.

Our nude figures in detailed processing generally guarantee high quality, so that you can still enjoy your work of art after many years.

FINE ARTS Wohnkultur - Your expert for erotic bronze sculptures

At FINE ARTS Wohnkultur craftsmanship meets high quality bronze and great attention to detail. With 25 years of experience and respected artists, we create sensual sculptures for a stylish ambience and luxury lifestyle.

We manufacture exclusive and erotic bronze sculptures according to your individual wishes and work with all their passion to realize your visions in the highest quality for your living area.

If you would like to see our masterpieces for yourself, feel free to visit us in our luxurious showroom in Frankfurt am Main. There you can see our erotic bronze sculptures in all its beauty at close range - we look forward to seeing you!