Snake Lady Minou relaxed

The snake woman captivates with her charming, romantic and passionate nature . snakes are imaginative seduction artists . when making love,

they are demanding, passionate and insatiable. With them any secret fantasy can become reality! Snake sex is elegant, ecstatic and captivating!

The snake women also have something mysterious and seem reserved at first, but they know exactly what they want and always achieve it.

Men can almost never resist the seductions of this snake woman because of her strong attraction.

The famous artist Don Alberto Carlos has translated this passionately and extremely sensual nature of the snake woman into his creation

of the snake woman Minou in a grandiose and expressive masterly way.

Artists Don Alberto Carlos

limited edition

Material: Bronze

  • Order number: f6802  Color: Gold/Silver

  • Artist: Don Alberto Carlos
  • Material: Bronze

  • Length: 30 cm 
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Weight; approx. 2 kg